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Ethical Global

Ethical Global | Restorative Sari Wheat Bags

Ethical Global | Restorative Sari Wheat Bags

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Partnering with you in self care, ('cause who doesn't need some of that?) this wheat bag was designed to bring soothing relief to your body, while gently caring for our planet and mindfully uplifting our Makers.

Directions for use: Fill a bowl with your choice of rice, quinoa, or wheat grains. Add several drops of your favorite calming essential oil blend. Stir. Pour your grains into the bag and microwave, in 30 second increments, until you reach your desired heat, or chill in your freezer. Apply to aches for relief.

Our Soulful Collection was designed using beautiful Indian Upcycled Sari. The transformative beauty of these pieces is a reflection of the women whose stories are carried within each piece.

Restorative Sari Wheat Bags come in a variety of different colors and patterns. 

Dimensions: 10" x 7.5" Materials: Cotton Fabric and Upcycled Sari

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