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Joy Felts

Joy Felts | Bumble bee Cat toy

Joy Felts | Bumble bee Cat toy

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Our Busy bumblebee Cat toys are sure to keep your rambunctious kitty entertained for hours!

Fun for your furry babies and entertainment for all. The perfect way to help your kitten get all his zoomies out!

We've handcrafted these toys using pet safe dyes, so you can feel good about giving them to your cat. We use biodegradable pet friendly materials to give your cat an exciting new toy that they can't resist! They'll play with this for hours, and might even bring it to you to show off their new prize.

It's a fun modern design that looks great in any home or apartment.  All of our toys have been tested and approved by cats!

Want to level up their experience - add a drop of cat nip essential oil to it.

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