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Hauck Toys

Hauck Toys | MOJO Labrador Puppy

Hauck Toys | MOJO Labrador Puppy

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Labrador Puppy Perfect for the imaginative play for young children and for school projects.

Mojo Animals help you bring nature to life! Full to the brim with character and detail these toy figures come in a variety of sizes and styles from Dinosaurs and Fantasy to Wildlife and Pets there's an Animal for everyone!

Perfect for learning, play and collection the only limit is your imagination. Start your Mojo animal collection today.

We believe that quality and safety are the most essential elements needed to create toys that would not only inspire a child’s imagination, they would forever have a special place in their hearts.

All our toy figurines are educational grade, hand painted, highly detailed true to life and made with the highest specifications using the finest and safest materials, regularly tested to ensure safety and quality.

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