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Cheeks Ahoy

Cheeks Ahoy | Pre-Rolled Unpaper Towels

Cheeks Ahoy | Pre-Rolled Unpaper Towels

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Eliminate the use of paper towels and napkins with this eco-friendly replacement!

PERFECT FOR ★wiping messy hands and faces after meals ★spill clean-up ★washing and drying dishes ★mealtime napkins ★lint-free cleaning and dusting

Pre-rolled on a sturdy kraft paper tube, use with any paper towel dispenser.

Made from 100% cotton flannel. Each unpaper towel is single ply and measures 12" x10".  Fabric content: 100% cotton, kraft paper tube.

Care instruction: Machine wash.

Pre-Rolled Unpaper Towels help you reduce your kitchen waste. Pre-Rolled Unpaper Towels come as a set of 8 and can be washed over and over again. 

Hand made in Ontario

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