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Pure Heart Essentials

Pure Heart Essentials | Shampoo Bar - Hair / Oily

Pure Heart Essentials | Shampoo Bar - Hair / Oily

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Introducing new! Award-Winning (Eco-Excellence Awards), plastic-reducing, naturally formulated shampoo soap bars.

Hair bars for each hair type dry, normal, or oily.

After months of studying, certifications, and many formulations! We are proud to unleash our environmentally-friendly haircare recipes!

Every ingredient chosen, serves a specific hair annoyance:

Dry hair shampoo: is coconut-oil free, pumpkin puree to help moisturize hair. Scented using rosemary & lemongrass essential oils

Oily hair shampoo: loaded with rich, earthy clays to help remove scalp excess oil. scented using eucalyptus & tea tree essential oil

Normal shampoo: filled with golden, jojoba oil to help feed hair & scalp back to happy. Scented using lavender & mint essential oils

Enjoy, naturally cleansed, residue-free, easy to comb hair. With a bonus whiff of aromatherapy. (all soaps are palm-oil free & contain only high quality essential oils). These bars are sold raw (package free), labels included.

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