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You + Me Tin Candles


You + Me Tin candles last between 25-30 hours. They are hand poured using apricot and coconut wax. All wicks are a cotton and fragrances are phthalate free. 

Candle Safety

Always read and follow safety instructions. Do not leave lite candle unattended. 

When you first use your candle you should burn it for 2-3 hours. The wax should melt across the entire surface. This will prevent tunnelling and create an even burn for the life of the candle. 

Make sure to trim your wick before you light your candle. Your wick should be 1/4". 

Shipping & Returns

We will ship most products within 2 business days. Every now and then we our back ordered on product and will let you know as soon as we can. Please contact us if you need to return something and we will do our best to accommodate, not everything can be returned. Returns will only be accepted within 30 days.