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Plantish | Bamboo Hair Brush Set

Plantish | Bamboo Hair Brush Set

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This brush set has everything for your hair needs from working through tangles to precise styling, this brush, comb, and brush cleaner have you covered. 

Contains - 1 Bamboo Hair Brush (5.3 x 1.2in or 13.5 x 3cm) - 1 Brush Cleaner - 1 Bamboo Comb (9 x 3.1in or 23 x 8 cm) - 1 Reusable Gift Bag

Features - bamboo-based: sustainable and one of the fastest-growing plants.

- round shape allows for ease of use for all styling detangling needs

- gently massages and soothes the scalp, helping improve circulation

- easy to clean: hair removal made easy. Directions - to detangle hair, brush in a downward motion - avoid soaking the bamboo hair brush set in water - pat dry when needed

Care Tips - use brush cleaner to gently remove hair build-up - dry with a towel after contact with water - store in the travel-friendly bag for on

Disposal - repurpose the bamboo hair brush as a body massager, back scratcher, pet groomer, etc - check your city's waste management info before disposal

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