Green Filters

We spend a lot of time researching the products that we bring into our store. We have created these green filters as an easy way for you to identify why we have chosen them. 

Local Environmentally Friendly Healthy Efficiently Socially Responsible  


Local Buying products made locally reduces your carbon foot print and helps support local jobs. We try to have local products where ever possible. Products with this designation will be produced within 800 km of our shop.

Environmentally Friendly - We look for products that are easy on the earth. This means made from recycled materials, certified well managed and organic. Recycled and Reclaimed, Rapidly Renewable, Sustainable Sources, Natural Ingredients / Less Chemicals

Healthy - Indoor Air Quality and using less chemicals is important to your health. Products are characterized with the flowing features: Low-VOC, Zero-VOC, Phthalate Free, Anti-allergenic properties, Prevent the growth of bacteria or dust mites, Free of contributing to unhealthy air, Clean the air

Energy - Reducing energy and water consumption is a key element in living a green life. Natural daylighting system, Recapturing free heat, Energy-efficient optimizing product, Capture wasted energy, Reduce water consumption

Socially Responsible - We try and make sure the company we deal with go the extra mile from worker safety to fair wages. Truthful marketing, Creation of green jobs, BIPOC Lead/Owned, Women Lead/Owned