Collection: Portola Roman Clay

Portola's Roman Clay is an environmentally conscious plaster finish tailored for sleek interior walls. Crafted from natural components and formulated with zero VOC's, this decorative plaster, rooted in gypsum, imparts a rustic charm to interior surfaces. With a smooth touch and a marble-like modeling effect, Roman Clay offers a subtler, organic allure reminiscent of Italian plasters, all at an affordable price point.

Application of Portola Paints Roman Clay involves the use of a metal or plastic putty knife/trowel, allowing for a versatile finish capable of achieving a broad spectrum of stone, stucco, and marble-like effects. This adaptability makes it an ideal choice for both traditional and contemporary settings.

To attain a natural, ultra-low sheen finish, one can opt to leave the final coat unsanded. Alternatively, for added protection and a slight sheen, the application of Portola’s Roman Clay Topcoat is recommended.