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Osmo 3099 Chopping Block Oil

3099 Chopping Block Oil is the newest addition to Osmo's food safe line up. They have Osmo Top Oil in 3056 Clear (stain finish), 3025 Natural and 3026 Acacia as their other 3 options. This new product has a matt finish.  I recently refinished a bamboo chopping board with Osmo 3099 Chopping Block Oil.  First I sanded the board to remove the scratches and stains as it was pretty well used.  I then cleaned it and rolled on 1 coat of the Osmo Chopping Board Oil. The next day I came back and rolled on a second coat.  I again waited until the next day and gave it a light sand with 500. it came out really smooth. I am...

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2022 Colour Trends

We have been looking at all the 2022 Colour Trends and getting inspiration. We thought we would share a little rundown of what we are seeing. Lots of greens this year along with browns and earthy colours like terra cotta. With pops of bright shades. Here are the colour trends from Farrow & Ball and Dunn-Edwards Paints. Farrow & Ball has chosen 5 colours they predicted to be hot this year. We are constantly seeing green featured for 2022 so Breakfast Room Green was not a surprise. Both Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore have chosen greens for there colour of the year. We do love that Farrow & Ball have picked some bright colours.  Farrow & Ball Colour Curator Joa...

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Mango Paint - Painting an Upholstered Chair

We picked up this cute occasional chair from Urban Repurpose in North Vancouver and wanted to give it a facelift using Mango Paint. Mango Paint is a furniture paint that is made in Canada. It is very easy to use and will stick to most surfaces. It dose not require priming or stripping to bare wood. We are painting the whole chair upholstery and all. So here is what we did. We picked two colours for this project Lillian for the wood and Alexandra for the upholstery.  First we wanted to tackle the upholstery. We thinned the paint with about 25% water for this. We tried the regular brush but switched to a round wax brush which made it much...

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Greenworks 2021 Gift Giving Guide

It's that time of year again. It is small business Saturday! We have a great selection of gifts from small businesses, women made or led company's, zero waste and organic. Check out our sourcing policy in our Green Filters section of the website. Hope you enjoy our gift guide!

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Paperstone Countertops

Paperstone was one of the first products that we carried here at Greenworks. Over the years there have been new products and new colours but they have continued to make a beautiful sustainable countertop.  The original solid colour product is made from recycled paper and a PetroFree phenolic resin derived from the cashew shell. The paper is first soaked in a partly cured liquid phenolic resin. It is then run though an oven to cure further. They then trim the sheets and stack them to put into a hot press where they are held under pressure until the resin is fully cured.   For the designer series they alternate layers of a melamine resin and the original recycled paper product...

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