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American Clay

American Clay is a beautiful way to add texture to your walls. We love it because it is user friendly and fairly affordable.  What is American Clay? American Clay is a natural earthen plaster made using a blend of clay and aggregate. This plaster has no off gassing and is 0-VOC. It also releases negative ions. It is breathable, dirt repellent, mold and mildew resistant. I have had many people tell me that a room with American Clay just feels different.  American Clay is manufactured in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Their mission is to bring universal awareness to the value of environmentally conscious products to indoor spaces!  It is made from reclaimed marble sand and multiple clays. We stock three of their finishes....

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Tried & True Wood Finish

Tried and True Wood Finish is a collection of natural wood finishes made from linseed oil. They have 3 clear finishes and have just added a stain and finish product. All their products are 100% natural with no petroleum, no solvent and no heavy metal driers. They are 0-VOC and are safe for food and skin contact. What is linseed oil? Linseed oil is made from flax seeds. There are 3 main types of linseed oil sold. Raw linseed oil takes a long time to cure from 2-10 weeks. Polymerized linseed oil is made by heating the oil which makes it thinner and dry faster. Polymerized linseed oil is harder then raw linseed oil. Boiled linseed oil usually has additives...

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