Collection: Portola Lime Wash

Portola's Lime Wash is a classic lime-based paint, embodying a timeless finish. This naturally applied coat, brushed onto surfaces, transforms as it dries, crafting a captivating weathered patina. 

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Lime Wash boasts a high pH level, endowing it with mild fungicidal properties, contributing to its eco-friendly nature. Formulated with zero VOCs, it aligns with environmentally conscious practices.

This organic and highly permeable finish renders Lime Wash exceptionally suitable for a range of applications, including historic restorations, both interior and exterior masonry, and interior drywall projects.

Portola's Lime Wash is offered in a diverse color palette, showcasing over 60 meticulously crafted colors. These shades are specifically designed to accentuate the soft yet subtle mineral paint finish, each contributing to an overall organic ambiance.