Aura + Form Acoustic Panels

Aura + Form Acoustic Panels

Aura + Form Acoustic Panels are a beautiful solution to reduce noise and create better acoustics in any space. These panels are designed and made in Denmark. These panels can be used for either wall or ceiling application. The slats can be installed on the wall either vertically or horizontally to create different looks. 



The slats are made from FSC-certified wood veneer on an MDF core. These are mounted to a PET felt that is made from recycled materials such as plastic bottles, with a minimum of 50% recycled materials. Both finished and unfished options are available. The finish use is a natural plant based oil that is 0-VOC. This helps to protect the wood from dirt and UV light. 

Acoustic Benefits 

Sound waves travel around the room, and when they hit a hard surface the sound is bounced back out into the space where its reverberation becomes shorter and shorter over time. When lots of sounds from people and electronics in a space are too much acoustic panels can make a big difference.

The Aura + Form acoustic panels help to break and absorb the sound wave so it dies out when it hits the panels, eliminating the sound wave and the reverberation. These panels can reduce up to 50% of unwanted noise and improve the quality of your acoustics. 

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