Portola Paints

Portola Paints

We are thrilled to announce that we are now stocking the Portola Lime Wash and Roman Clay products.

Portola Paints is known for producing high-quality paints and finishes. They have a unique artisanal approach to paint manufacturing and are praised for their depth of colour and texture. They emphasize environmentally friendly and VOC free formulations in their products.

The co-founders Jamie and Casey Davis were born and raised in Los Angeles. Their father was a custom home builder and mentored them, instilling a profound love for design and colour. They have always had a passion for the arts, from photography to architecture. This love for the arts and the natural world inspires the diverse pallet that defines the Portola brand.  

Portola Paint Co-Founders

All Portola paints and specialty finishes are locally crafted in small batches in Los Angeles. They design full-spectrum colours that reflect a broader range of light, harmonizing subtly yet powerfully with any environment.  Adhering to time honored traditions, we will hand-blend every colour to ensure depth and accuracy.  

Portola Colours

Portola Paints recently celebrated twenty-five years of business. Jamie and Casey continue to innovate and explore new colours and textures. They launched nine new Lime Wash colours and thirteen new Roman Clay colours for 2024.  

New Portola Paint Colours

Greenworks is honoured to be one of their first dealers and their first dealer in Canada! We will be mixing all the colours in our Vancouver location and are happy to ship across Canada. This really rounds out our paint and plaster offering, and we are excited for you to try it. 

Check out the full colour selection of Lime Wash here or check out all the Roman Clay colours here


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