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Ethical Global

Ethical Global | Upcycled Sari Scrunchies

Ethical Global | Upcycled Sari Scrunchies

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Our handmade Upcycled Sari Scrunchies are full of heart and soul.

Made with 100% upcycled sari, these cuties come in a variety of colors and patterns.

The sari is a symbol of dignity in North India, where women from all walks of life walk the streets clothed in the traditional scarves, regal and courageous in the face of inequality, hardship, and poverty.

The stories of the women whose hands have brought our scrunchies to life can be felt in the rich, deep colors and intricate patterns. Their stories are of empowerment, dignity, and hope that comes with skills training and in safe work environment, paid fair trade wages in a caring community.

Our scrunchies are gentle on our planet, and made with hands that are deeply valued. Elevate your favorite hairstyles through intentional, soulful items with a story, and together, we can write a global story of change.


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