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Mint Cleaning

Mint Cleaning | Floor Wash - 3L

Mint Cleaning | Floor Wash - 3L

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The best way to refill your Floor Wash bottle is the new Mint Party Pouch! Do we need to say more?? Okay, we will... sits nicely on your counter, easy to use pour spout, has no leakage, fills your bottle with ease. It's like a party in your cleaning caddy. Party on!

3L Party Pouch

Ingredients: Distilled purified water, Cocomidopropyl betaine, Sodium (c14-16) olefin sulfonate, Glycerine, Xanthan gum, Arvensis, Citrus sinensis, Rosmarinus cineole, Acid acetate, Isopropyleasy-to-usecohol, Benzyl alcohol, Salicylic acid, and Sorbic acid.

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