Lime Wash Paint - Creating texture on your walls

Lime Wash Paint - Creating texture on your walls

Lime wash paint is an easy way to create texture on your walls. White walls have been very popular over the last 10 years, now we find people are looking for some texture and movement on the wall. 

How to create texture on your walls with lime wash paint

Lime paint is brushed on with a wide thick brush. This helps to create the texture. There are a number of patterns that you can use when brushing the paint on the easiest is the cross hatch. When you brush on the paint you bush from wet until dry. This creates "clouds" which helps for layering the paint and creating texture. 

Lime Paint Brush

Our biggest tip for creating beautiful texture when using our Color Atelier Lime paint is to use a dark and light colour. We find that layering gives the best result. You can either use two colours or you can choose a colour and do a lighter and darker version of that shade. If you are choosing a white is very important to pick two colours unless you are looking for a flat white wall with very little texture.

What is lime paint or lime wash paint?

Lime paint is made by mixing lime and water to create a paint. It has been used around the world since the 7th century. It can be used just as lime and water for a bright white or we can add tint to create a range of colours. Our Color Atelier Lime Paint has a beautiful range of colours to choose from. 

Color Atelier Fan Deck

Lime Paint Feature Project 

Amanda from Pink Salt Ceramics in Squamish BC created a new studio space in January and choose our Color Atelier in Rose. She used a combination of full Rose and 50% pigmented Rose. For this project she did the ceilings and the walls in the lime wash paint. We think her project turned out beautifully. 



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