Classical Series by Opus Floors

Classical Series by Opus Floors

Opus Flooring

In the ever-evolving realm of interior design, where creativity and functionality dance in harmony, the Opus brand of wood flooring emerges as a true masterpiece. Its essence is woven with the threads of innovation and timeless craftsmanship, resulting in a stunning symphony of beauty and durability. At the heart of Opus's allure lies its signature: engineered wood flooring that speaks volumes about sophistication and artistry.

Classical Series 

The crown jewel of Opus's collection is its Classical Series wide planks, a hallmark of modern luxury. This flooring not only exudes an air of opulence but also creates an illusion of space, transforming any room into an open canvas of design possibilities. With their seamless finishes and refined lines, Opus wide planks become a bridge between classic elegance and contemporary aesthetics, capable of harmonizing with various interior design styles.

The Classical Series is made up of both Maple and French Oak. With its multi layer construction and 4mm wear layer this is a lifetime floor. The Classical Series comes in 7 1/2" widths with length 6'3". 

Superior Finish 

The Classical Series offers 2 different finishes. The first in a urethane coating with the added strength of aluminum oxide. Aluminum oxide is a safe a durable finish for your floor. It is made from a a naturally occurring element, a chemical compound of aluminum and oxygen in a crystal form, it is then ground up into powder and used in the water based urethane. This creates a durable and more scratch resistant finish. 

Classical Series Brahms Oak

The second finish option is a natural oil finish. Natural oil finishes bring out the beautiful natural characteristics of the wood. Natural oiled floors are said to absorb more VOC’s than a pre-finished floor, allowing for a healthier environment. One of the big advantages of an naturally oiled floor is the reparability. The floors can be repaired using our Osmo products. Making this floor truly a lifetime investment. With oiled floors you do not need to sand the whole floor to add a coat of finish or repair a scratch. 

Classical Series Beethoven

To experience the magic firsthand, one need look no further than Greenworks Supply Co. With showrooms in both Vancouver and Burnaby, BC, as well as an online store Greenworks Supply Co. is Canada's source for Opus flooring. 

Opus engineered wood flooring is more than a surface beneath your feet; it's a testament to the marriage of form and function. Beyond its visual appeal, these floors are engineered to withstand the test of time, adapting to varying climatic conditions while retaining their structural integrity. Each step echoes the harmony of nature, grounding you in an experience that is both tactile and visually stunning.

As you embark on your journey of interior design, consider the Opus brand of wood flooring as your companion. With wide planks that tell a story of elegance and innovation, and a presence in Canada's Greenworks stores, Opus invites you to reimagine your spaces, to create not just rooms, but living works of art. Let your creativity flow as you dance upon the canvas that is Opus wood flooring, where every step is a note in the symphony of your home's design.

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