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Osmo 3099 Chopping Block Oil

3099 Chopping Block Oil is the newest addition to Osmo's food safe line up. They have Osmo Top Oil in 3056 Clear (stain finish), 3025 Natural and 3026 Acacia as their other 3 options. This new product has a matt finish. 

I recently refinished a bamboo chopping board with Osmo 3099 Chopping Block Oil. 

Osmo 3099 Chopping Block Oil

First I sanded the board to remove the scratches and stains as it was pretty well used. 

I then cleaned it and rolled on 1 coat of the Osmo Chopping Board Oil. The next day I came back and rolled on a second coat. 

I again waited until the next day and gave it a light sand with 500. it came out really smooth. I am very happy with it. Water beads up on it so it should not satin again. I will pay attention and when it starts to wear off I will simply add another coat of the 3099 Chopping Block Oil.