Osmo Wood Wax Finish

Osmo Wood Wax Finish

Osmo Wood Wax .125L

Wood Wax Finish

Wood Wax Finish is made from natural oils and waxes (sunflower oil, soya-bean oil, carnauba wax, candelilla wax), paraffins, natural colour pigments and a drying agent. Wood Wax Finish can be used as a one coat stand alone finish for some projects where abrasion resistance is not a concern it repels water and has a smooth finish. For flooring and table tops we suggest a top coat of Polyx-Oil. 

Now offered in .125L

We are very excited that Osmo has launched a smaller size of the Wood Wax Finish. The .125L covers approximately 32 square feet. This size will be perfect for small projects or for creating larger samples.

Wood Wax Finish will now be available in:
.125L 32 sq ft
.375L 96 sq ft
.75L 194 sq ft
2.5L in select colours


Colour Mixing

Wood Wax Finish is a great way to add colour to your projects. With a range of wood tones along with whites, black, greys, green, blue, yellow and red you can make your own custom colours. Just make sure that your record what you do. 


Feature Project:

Spokes Bike Rentals here in Vancouver made a beautiful sign using the Osmo Wood Wax. They used the 3104 Red and 3105 Yellow to mix the perfect orange to match there logo. 3105 was used for the Yellow and 3186 White was used for the white. We love how the sign turned out. 

Osmo Wood Wax

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