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American Clay

American Clay Forté Finish

American Clay Forté Finish

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Forté Finish

Forté Finish is the strongest of all the American Clay plasters, allowing you to achieve a wall finish equally as sturdy as it is stunning! This plaster offers a soft, smooth, waxy texture.

  • Forté Finish is used as a second finish coat only, over Forté Base plaster.

  • Approximately 180 square feet per 50 lb. bag (per coat).

Forté is the new line of earthen plaster by American Clay! Forté has been fortified to strengthen the application of the American Clay finishes.

 Fortified — an advanced plaster formula, Forté is pre-mixed with a new breathable binder. Our newest finishes result in a healthy, beautiful wall treatment with increased performance and added hardness. Available in three textures, Forté is not only zero-VOC, but it is repairable, breathable, and heavy duty enough to handle vigorous every day living as well as commercial installations that require a tougher, reinforced surface.

 Simple — mixing has been simplified. Add your favorite color pigment, water, and apply.

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