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Carrara Lime Plaster (Marmorino Carrara)
Carrara Lime Plaster (Marmorino Carrara)
Carrara Lime Plaster (Marmorino Carrara)

Carrara Lime Plaster (Marmorino Carrara)

 Carrara Lime Plaster (Marmorino Carrara) is made from crushed marble and lime putty. It is considered a medium gain plaster and can be polished. It dose not polish to the high gloss of our Classic. This is a great product to mimic a polished concrete look. You can polish slightly or create a more velvet look. As with all our lime plaster this is a 0-VOC product and is mold and mildew resistant making it very healthy for you home. 
This can be the base coat and top coat over our primer. We do prefer to use either the Carrara Course or Intonachino Fine as the base coat with this overtop. As it is a bit easer to work with this way. You can use Special Reserve Wax, Our Natural liquid Bees Wax or our Savon De Marseille soap wax as your final coat. 
  • 24KG bucket covers approximately 
  • 8KG bucket covers approximately 
Colour Packs are sold separately and can be found here 

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