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Love & Light Jewels

Love & Light Jewels | Copper Gemstone Ring - Rose Quartz

Love & Light Jewels | Copper Gemstone Ring - Rose Quartz

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As one of the oldest metals known to man, copper is said to produce many therapeutic effects on the human body. Historically, copper has been used to keep the body healthy and to enhance the positive energy in the body. It is also known to improve one’s overall mental health.

Other benefits include: • Healthy Immune System • Improved physiological balance and strengthening of the body • Revitalization of the Heart • Maintains Blood Pressure • Improves Cardiovascular Health • Strengthens the Bones • Promotes Absorption of Minerals • Improves Skin Health • Reduces Swelling

Rose Quartz: Love, Compassion, Self Esteem

Size: 7

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