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Travertino Lime Plaster
Travertino Lime Plaster
Travertino Lime Plaster


Travertino Lime Plaster has our coarsest aggregate and is great for creating deep texture. As with all our lime plaster this is a 0-VOC product and healthy for you home.
This can be both the first coat and finish coat after priming your wall with Cadoro Quartz Primer. We suggest finishing the wall with our Special Reserve Wax.
  • 24KG bucket covers approximately 150 sq ft 
  • 8KG bucket covers approximately 50 sq ft
Colour Packs are sold separately and can be found here 

Shipping & Returns

We will ship most products within 2 business days. Every now and then we our back ordered on product and will let you know as soon as we can. Please contact us if you need to return something and we will do our best to accommodate, not everything can be returned. Returns will only be accepted within 30 days.