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Mango Paint

Mango Paint | Wax

Mango Paint | Wax

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Simple ‘how to’ instructions:

For best results, once your piece has been painted with Mango Paint and is dry, give a fine sand overall until smooth. If desired, distress your painted piece by using additional pressure around your furniture edges and details.

After sanding, remove any dust from your piece with a dry cloth.

Using a wax brush or a lint free cloth, dip into the beeswax product and wipe it onto your painted furniture in a manageable sized area. Too create depth with pigmented waxes be sure to get right into all the recessed areas of your furniture details. Wipe off the excess with a soft lint free cloth. Move onto the next area of furniture and repeat.

Note: it is not possible to remove ‘too much’ beeswax from the flat areas of your furniture. As you are applying and removing the beeswax finish it is working its way into the porous paint finish and creating a beautiful protective finish. To enhance the depth created with pigmented waxes, be sure to leave small areas of wax built up in the recessed areas of your furniture details.

Tip! Any scuffs or marks in your furniture over time may be easily buffed out with a small amount of beeswax furniture finish on a lint free cloth.

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